Welcome to our first official blog post about the 2008 Thirty Day Challenge. Follow my 10 year old son and I as we learn how to make our first ten dollars online…

The 2008 Thirty Day Challenge

“Say Goodbye to FireFox”

As much as I like the FireFox browser – we’re being told to switch to Flock for the 2008 Thirty Day Challenge. I will most likely rebel and keep FireFox, I may even use it from time to time. But given the built in social networking capabilities of Flock – it does make sense use it for this year’s challenge.

You can watch Ed Dale’s video here:

Is Flock the best Internet Browser to Download?


The video pretty much covers everything you need to know – however, I’ve written out the steps below to make it easier for my son and I to follow and refer back to later if we need to.

So how do we get the best web browser around? It’s pretty simple actually.

First – either do a search for “flock” on your search engine of choice, or go to: http://www.flock.com/

The Flock browser is built on the same code base as FireFox and is compatible with the major operating systems: Windows, Mac and even Linux.

At the time the video was recorded, Flock 1.2 was in Beta – but I just checked their site. It looks like it’s out of beta…

Once you’ve downloaded it, go ahead and install it. Ed showed it being installed on a Mac. We’re still stuck with our PC’s for awhile, but the process was painless on both of our computers.

Now that it’s installed – go ahead and run it. Take a look at the video tours that show you an overview of the major benefits of using Flock as your web browser.

One word of caution – for the purposes of the Thirty Day Challenge, we won’t be using the built in feed reader that comes with Flock. We’ll use Google Reader and Ed will teach us more about that in upcoming videos.

P.S. Whew! – I did it. Since I’m fairly new to this feel free to leave a comment – keep in mind, I am blogging this mainly for the benefit of my 10 year old and myself. So take it easy on us 🙂

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