Twitter has been a growing internet phenomenon over the past year or so – and it will be a critical tool we utilize in this years Thirty Day Challenge.

This video shows you some of the basics on getting the most out of Twitter…

Signing Up To Twitter Is Easy

We’ll take a break from Flock for a bit and get into Twitter.  Over the last twelve months, Twitter has become huge and a very important communication tool.  We’ll learn how to sign up and log on to Twitter, how to follow Ed and some other tips.

First things first – here’s the Twitter URL and the home page:

Twitter Home Page

Before we get on with signing up, there’s a quick little video you can watch.  It’s only a couple of minutes long, but it explains Twitter pretty well.

Watch The Video On Twitter

Did you watch it yet?  Seriously, what are you waiting for – go watch it…..

Okay, well – either you did or you didn’t, (but you know you should just watch the thing.)  Regardless, let’s get to signing up – they make it pretty easy…

Sign Up For Twitter

It’s hard to miss that big green button.  (I think that may be deliberate. 🙂 )

From there you’ll see this screen, where you actually create your Twitter account:

Twitter Account Creation

Easy enough – but what if something comes up?  Like what?  Well, what if the Username is already taken?  Then the screen will look like this:

Twitter - Name Taken

Bummer…so now what?  You could try other variations like:

  1. Put an underscore (the _ symbol) between the words
  2. Put a hyphen (the – symbol) between the words
  3. Add a modifier to the beginning or end (a short word, a letter, a number, etc.)

It’s a lot like creating a new e-mail account – the interface is pretty good at letting you know if a name is already taken.

Ed does mention the possibility of using a pen name, or a niche persona – but for now, it’s probably best to keep it simple.  You can always create an alternate Twitter account later on…

Fill in the password and e-mail fields, fill in the “Captcha” form (if you can) – decide if you want their e-mail updates and click the “Create my account” button.

BOOM! – okay, maybe that’s a little bit too dramatic, but now you do have your own Twitter page.  It will be pretty empty until you either post a “tweet” or follow a few people.  To start, try following Ed Dale and Dan Raine – here’s how.

To get to Dan Raine’s Twitter page, click here: – it’ll look something like this:

Dan Raine on Twitter

Just click on the follow button and his updates will start showing up on your Twitter page.

Now you can do the same with Ed Dale – his Twitter page is located here:

His page will look something like this…

Ed Dale on Twitter

I’m already following him – but between the video and these notes, you probably get the idea by now.

One other user you should follow is “gurubob”Twitter was experiencing a little hiccup when I went for that screenshot, so I will have to remember to come back and edit it in later. In the meantime, follow Ed, Dan and Bob – you’ll be off to a great start on Twitter and you’ll easily stay on top of any late-breaking Thirty Day Challenge news.

As you follow Twitter users, you can also set up options for your mobile phone and other instant messaging platforms.  But unless you get into this gradually, you could easily find yourself overwhelmed with noise.  So for now, keep it simple – you can always change those settings later.

Twitter allows you to have quick notifications of Thirty Day Challenge updates from Ed and Dan – it’s a great way to spread news quickly around the web.  And because each page of Twitter is also an RSS feed, you can syndicate that information in a variety of ways.  Don’t worry, Ed will explain how that works in future videos.

Go get signed up for Twitter – and then, give somebody a hug 🙂


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