Whew, some of these posts take me a long time to finish up.  I’m going to have to get faster at this within the next week or so.  I HAVE been working on a system.  So far, it’s been a bit of trial and error.

Do I transcribe the whole video, do I re-write and summarize parts – in terms of workflow – how do I handle screen shots and note-taking?  But I’m figuring out what works best for me and allows me to turn notes around quickly and accurately.

My goal going forward would be to turn notes/posts around within 1-2 days of new thirty day challenge video content being released.

Two new things I’m working on…

1) Adding journal entries, documenting some of what’s going on behind the scenes and updating people about the progress of notes and other posts.

2) Adding the ThirtyDayChallenge TV videos.  I think I’ll pre-date the posts – so they line up with how the preseason training content has been released.

I’m still working on my notes for the Friendfeed lessons.  I should have everything typed up and posted in another day or two, complete with a pretty thorough set of screen shots documenting the processes.

Had a great Skype call over the weekend with our team – “The SonicXtreme Team.”

Stephen and I both think it’s pretty cool to talk with people from as far away as the UK, Newfoundland and Las Vegas – and to be able to share our experiences and knowledge in a way that helps everybody.

Okay, back to my Friendfeed notes – they should be up soon….