No, not a list of people to e-mail.  Not a list of hungry prospects in my auto-responder account, just waiting for an offer, ha!

I’m talking about a list of things to do – that I wrote out before I left work today.

1) Contact xxxxxx – ask him about backlinks – okay – I made contact.

2) Fix/Add to the Table of Contents page – I was able to do that too.

3) Run a certain term through Market Samurai to determine a niche potential – mostly for giggles.  – That made for a funny little screen capture or two

4) Work on some of my draft posts: Here’s where I suck

A) Traffic/Stats Update – nothing

B) Things I Learned Making Our First YouTube Video – nada

C) Help Stephen with his post on the same topic – from his perspective – bad dad

D) See if I can turn the screen capture from #3 above into a quick post… – well at least I have the picture…

I won’t beat myself up too much – but if fresh content is the life-blood of a blog, shouldn’t I be working on content first?

Since I am a list-person, meaning – I need a to-do list: I’m going to have to switch my priorities around if I want to develop better blogging habits.  Tomorrow, I’ll put post-related stuff at the top of the list and see how I do.

For now, it is late – there’s always tomorrow night…