July 2008

With less than a week to go – I thought I better put a condensed checklist together for people who are just now signing up for the thirty day challenge. There is a link on top and along the side – but what the heck, I’ll include one here in this post too.

Preseason Catch-Up

I know I needed something like this last year – if it helps you or you think it would help someone else – feel free to leave a comment and/or spread the word by social bookmarking.

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Fans of the Ed Dale Mankini can find a safe haven within these walls.

Some dedicated, hard-core groupies have banded together and created a special place for die-hard fans to gather.

Appropriately named the Ed Dale Mankini room – you can find out the latest happenings about all things involving the Ed Dale Mankini phenom that is sweeping the planet…

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.  In this case, where there’s an Ed Dale mankini – there’s an international success story waiting to explode onto the scene.

This Ed Dale Mankini site explores the history and gives us an in depth look into some of the “inner workings” behind the phenomenon.

Find out everything you can about the Ed Dale mankini before the country is overrun with Ed Dale Mankini outlets.

This starts out as such a serious piece of news – real solid reporting about the Ed Dale Mankini and business in Beechworth…

And then – oh this is just something you’ve got to see to understand…

Ed Dale Mankini

I thought I’d seen just about everything – then I come across this post about finding Ed Dale Mankini in the Urban Dictionary.

I guess you could check it out for yourself at http://www.urbandictionary.com – then type in mankini and see if you get a result that includes “Ed Dale Mankini” – what kind of mayhem will they think of next?

Could it be one of the signs of the Apocalypse?  Finding a reference to “Ed Dale Mankini” on Flickr? – that can’t be a good sign…

Take a look at this Flickr page – dedicated to the Ed Dale Mankini.

Well, I started posting about the Ed Dale Mankini Phenomenon about 8 hours ago – before that, no ranking in Google whatsoever.  Why would I, right?

But now…..

Ed Dale Mankini Search Results

Ed Dale Mankini Search Results #7 & #8

I know it’s not easy to read, but trust me – it says #7 and #8 for a broad match search – for this term: ed dale mankini.

Do you think I should post about this in the “I got ranked” thread?

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