Well, we’re behind in our thirty day challenge – we’ll catch up, but we’re behind for now.

I thought I’d be able to do a better job keeping up, but I was counting on having the weekend off – and I didn’t think there would be so much training material released in such a short time.  This is not a complaint, heck – I’m glad there’s so much material.  If you’ve been able to keep up, this year’s training has been extremely focused and well-organized.

Coupled with the fact the Hendry Lee is doing such an outstanding job with transcripts for the training videos – there doesn’t seem to be much point in duplicating his efforts and writing out my own version of notes.  So rather than do that – Stephen and I have decided to change our direction a little bit.

Instead of creating our own summaries of the daily training, we’ll be working on posts that cover the main points.  Then we’ll detail the problems we face – and the questions we ask.  And we’ll share the answers and solutions we come up with as a way of adding value to the already outstanding training we’re getting.

You see, with Stephen being 10 – he tends to ask a lot of questions, good ones.  I can’t assume he knows anything about markets or niches, keywords or content, affiliate programs or even Amazon.com.  This is a whole new world for him – and while he still makes time for video games as I’m at work – he’s excited to see the day’s training when I get home.

So, we’ll go through out daily training and take notes on the things that come up.  You’ll see us work out those issues and come up with solutions together.  Hopefully, that will add value to other young people taking the challenge as well as those who may have less internet experience.

Throughout the duration of the thirty day challenge, I suspect this blog will be 3 to 5 days behind.  We’ll catch up if we can, but I see this blog as being a secondary priority to our training.  The best way to know if we’ve added a post would be to – you guessed it – add our blog to your Google Reader.

In closing today, if you’re all caught up – way to go.

If you’re behind, trust me – you’re not alone.  You’ll catch up – so will we.

That said, get ready for day 6 and another day of free awesomeness!