2 1/2 months, 87 posts, and over 2,200 visitors later – now what?

Well – when it comes to our Thirty Day Challenge blogs – we’re working on the fundamentals.  We watched all the videos, printed out and took notes on the transcripts – we even managed to keep this blog going as a way to organize and reinforce the things we are learning.  So, we’re going through some of the lessons again – working on the basics…

For instance, one of the cornerstones of being successful at internet marketing is content.  And guess what doesn’t come easily for a 10 year-old….writing content.  For that matter, it’s not always easy for me either.

The good news is – we did manage to get our blogs up with some content and an offer.  And with some social bookmarking, we have seen some traffic.  But we realize that we still have lots left to do – and a lot of it will require coming up with more content.

So we’re reviewing some of the training from Day Four and Day Five – where we learn about “slippery copy” and being a “news master.”  We’re also working on writing in a “conversational style” and using short two-three sentence paragraphs to improve readability.

It’s a bit of a departure from Stephen’s English lessons in school, which started back up last week.  I’m not sure his teacher will approve, but I’m trying to help him understand the difference between writing a paper for school and writing a blog post for the internet.  So far, I think he’s getting it.

Did we make our $10 yet?  The short answer is no.  Not yet.  But, I kind of figured that this might turn out to be a 60 or even 90 day challenge for us.  Not a big deal to me…

Plus, we did have a setback – but I still like to look at the bright side. You know what they say about the bright side, don’t you?

“If you can’t see the bright side, try polishing the dull side…”

So – we’ll keep going on our Thirty Day Challenge projects.  And we’ll post about our progress with some additional tips and tricks along the way.

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