October 2008

I got an e-mail from Ed Dale today – on one hand, it’s not about the thirty day challenge.  On the other hand, it kinda IS about the thirty day challenge – since he did say to spread the word – here is:

A Word From Ed…

What has made the Internet so wonderful has the ability to be so dangerous…

Stay with me – there is nothing to buy here and two things that will give you a sensible perspective on what the heck is going on.

First thing – A huge welcome to the thousands of Thirty Day Challengers that have joined over the last couple of weeks. You’re in the right place. If things do go to pot (and I don’t think they will – and trust me I’m not underestimating the challenges ahead) – One of the most successful product categories in the 1930’s were little “How-To” books.

The Thirty Day Challenge is the perfect place to do SOMETHING pro-active in your control to bring in extra cash…It’s proven over four years and thousands of successful challengers…

Please Please Please Watch And Listen To These Two Things

First – This Interview that Warren Buffett is a MUST WATCH. You can watch on the Blog or download it from iTunes

Warren Buffett Gets Real About The Current Economic Situation <http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=H4N9Z&m=1adl7_H_0fTtlH&b=Xv9GzR5yr1QtyMcUnHWQRg>

I am sitting in my Kitchen totally frustrated at my inability to be a good enough copywriter to get you to watch that video. Warren Buffett talks in a language anyone can understand. It’s so important. Watch It and get your friends to watch it.

Now To Number Two

John Mayer Provides The Solution To The Current Economic Situation

I’m serious.

Everyone is talking cut’s and layoff’s, shrinking and  circling the wagons…

Why don’t people read their darn history books!!!!

Sure – get rid of the excess (and my oh my has there been some excess – It makes me bloody angry that you and I are picking up the tab but that is whole other ball of wax)

But there is a fundemental of life – that is time immemorial

If your not growing – YOUR DYING

The companies that survived and thrived in the economic downturn created new products entered new markets, innovated and most importantly


This is going to be your secret weapon and this brings me to John Mayer.

John gave this lecture in Berkley this week and thanks to an alert Student in the front row and his trusty iPhone, this lecture on Songwriting and the creative process would have been lost.

And that would have been tragic.

Hang on Ed your saying, what has songwriting got to do with solving the economic situation…..

Well, how do I put it


I explain here and you get a download of this timeless lecture.

John Mayer And the Solution To Making Sure You Thrive TODAY <http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=H4N9Z&m=1adl7_H_0fTtlH&b=nSmN_KfW53LL6nB8LKf.wA>

I don’t think I have ever said this to you guys, but this is one time I would love you to pass this email on, Digg, Stumble, Blog and do Something to inject something positive in the toxic stream of Chicken Little Tweets and Friendfeeding that has occurred this week.

I’d appreciate it


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Sometimes success comes from the strangest places…

I had some success from applying the things I learned from this year’s thirty day challenge.  So did Stephen.  The most important thing was that – as a father and son, we found a project we could work on over part of his summer break – something that didn’t involve video games – something that could teach both of us some life skills and life lessons that don’t get taught in public school.

But so far, the most interesting thing to come out of the thirty day challenge is shaping up to be a nice little business I can run from home.  Let me explain…

First, my younger brother has operated a web-based business from his home for a few years now.  He used to work for a credit bureau – and because he is familiar with credit reporting processes, he is able to help small businesses sort out how to report credit and payment history information to the credit bureaus.

Over the past few months I’ve been sharing what Stephen and I learned, plus he’s been following along with our blog.  His biggest constraint is time.  He’d like to implement thirty day challenge strategies to expand his business – but he doesn’t have a lot of free time.  So, we’ve made an arrangement…I’ve analyzed his site, his competitors, done market and keyword research – and come up with a set of action steps to take that will propel him to better organic rankings and help him get a better return on his Adwords investment.

In return, I’m getting paid to be his search engine marketing consultant.  My latest proposal to him for the ongoing work was to barter for a MacBook Pro, I’m crossing my fingers for that to happen 🙂  I figure it’s really the tool I need going forward and it’s a complete write-off for him – win-win.

In addition to this project, another client has hired me to help with his search engine marketing efforts.

Have you ever heard of a pergola?

I hadn’t, I’d seen them – just never new what to call them.  When Justin and I first met, there were some problems with his website – it was beautiful, but not well optimized for search.  There were none of the usual on-page factors like title tags, description, keywords, etc.  We fixed some of those items before we even ended the first meeting – and then I went to work.

We talked about what it would take to improve his organic ranking – and also about how to get some fast traffic to his site.  He opted to crank up Adwords right away – and using Market Samurai, the Google Keyword tool, and the things I’ve learned about Adwords, it was pretty easy to get a campaign started for him.

We’re in the process of testing and tracking his Adwords campaign and also building backlinks to his site about pergola kits.

In both cases, I’ve been able to use the techniques I’ve learned from the thirty day challenge to help my clients reach their goals.  At first, I wasn’t sure if it “counted” as a 30DC success – after all, it’s not a niche/affiliate type of business.  But I’m able to charge a fair fee based on the work – and it all started with the thirty day challenge.

I owe a big thank you to Ed Dale, Dan Raine, Caro, Nez and the entire Thirty Day Challenge crew – because this looks like the start of something big.  Also thanks to my friends and teammates from the challenge including Sheryl & Cait, Jooles, Eric G. and Allison R – (Long live the Ed Dale Mankini!).

Last but not least, a big thank you goes out to my son Stephen, who kept me accountable (and kept me off the video games.)  🙂

P.S. – If you need some help with your niche, you can let me know in the comments below…

P.P.S – We’ll have an update about Stephen’s school fundraiser soon…

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