Hello and welcome, I’m Steve.  My son Stephen and I decided to take this year’s Thirty Day Challenge together.  He’s 10, but he’s a wiz kid.  I’m 37… there’s still hope for me. 🙂

We’re blogging our experience, noting the things we learn and keeping track of our successes.  Join us on our journey…

If you haven’t signed up to take the Thirty Day Challenge yourself – feel free to click on the “Thirty Day Challenge” Link in the BlogRoll below, it’ll take you to “www.thirtydaychallenge.com” and you too can be a part of this year’s challenge.  You’ll enjoy the things you learn from Ed Dale, Dan Raine and the rest of the regulars – and the forums and community of people involved are unmatchable.

Thanks for visiting – and if you’re into social bookmarking at all, please bookmark us at your favorite sites.

Now, go hug somebody…

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