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So Dad comes home from work tonight and tells me to make sure I’m all caught up.  Then he says I should blog it…I think I’ll need some help….

X    1. Get Flock 1.2.x
X    2. Set Flock preferences / options

Note to Dad – The options window gets in my way and won’t let me scroll??  What do I do?

Dad’s edit – You’ll have to do the steps you can see, then close the options window by clicking the “okay” button.  Scroll down the catch-up page for the next steps – then open the options window again and make the next set of changes.  Repeat those steps until you’re done…

X    3. Make Flock faster

X    4. Install the add-ons

X    5. Sign up to Twitter

X    6. Follow Ed’s, Dan’s and Gurubob’s Twitter

Note to Dad – We already did some of this stuff…

Dad’s edit – It’s like being in Boy Scouts kiddo – Be Prepared.

X    7. Setup TwitterBar

X    8. Install Twhirl (and Adobe Air if it’s not already on the computer)

X    9. Connect Twhirl to your Twitter account

Note to Dad – Twhirl isn’t working, it wants to do an “upgrade” then there is an error…

Dad’s edit – I’ll look at it tonight – okay it’s fixed…

Another note to Dad – Dad, I forgot my Twhirl password…

Dad’s edit – Your Twhirl password is really your Twitter password – try that first.  If that doesn’t work – You can go to the twitter sign-in page ( and click the link that says “forgot password.”  Type in your e-mail, then go check your e-mail for your password.  You should be able to change it from there…Again, that’s the password you’ll use to link your Twhirl to your Twitter.

X    10. Sign-in to Google Reader with your Google Account

X    11. Add the Thirty Day Challenge Blog feed and Ed’s Twitter Feed
X    12. Join Stumble Upon
X    13. Sign-in to YouTube with your Google account – Subscribe to Ed Dale’s channel
X    14. Subscribe to Ed Dale’s Google Subscribed Links
X    15. Sign up with FriendFeed

X    16. Add Twitter, Google Reader, StumbleUpon, and Blog into FriendFeed
X    17. Add Thirty Day Challenge room in FriendFeed
X    18. Change your signature lines in 30DC forum to a quote + FriendFeed

Okay Dad, I’m ready…I’m ready…

Good work – kiddo!

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I’m going to keep my first blog post short and sweet. 

My Dad just set me up to blog directly from Flock!

I don’t even have to login to WordPress.

I know we’re not up to that in the 2008 Thirty Day Challenge – but it’s pretty sweet.

He rules!

(Thanks Dad)


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