It’s about making your first $10 online. For a full 30 days, starting August 1st 2008 – you will be learning exactly how to start your own Internet business and generate your first income online without spending any money for your training. Even if you missed the starting date, you can still go through the training outlined below and sign up anytime by clicking on the link over to the right.

While the daily summaries and YouTube video content are organized for you directly below – there is a whole section of pre-season set-up and training below that.  I would recommend starting with pre-season training first – just so that you have a solid foundation to build on…with that said, let’s get started with:



Day One – A Magnificent Symphony

Day Two – Keyword Research

Day Three – Competition Analysis

Day Four – Finding Stuff To Sell And Test

Day Five – Getting Some Content

Day Six – Publishing A Blog

Day Seven – Tracking And Analytics

Day Eight – Social Bookmarking

Day Nine – Backlinks And Indexing

Day Ten – 30DC RSS Submission

Day Eleven – How To Build A Squidoo Lens

Day Twelve – Setting Up A HubPage

Day Thirteen – Assessing Your Blog Traffic

Day Fourteen – A Rest Day, with some 30DC-TV nuggets…

Day Fifteen – Setting Up A Weebly Site & WordPressDirect Footer Issue

Day Sixteen – Creating An Ezine Article

Day Seventeen – Checking Your Blog Ranking

Day Eighteen – Decision Day

Day Nineteen – Increasing Your Blog Traffic

Day Twenty – Google Adwords

Day Twenty-One – More Google Adwords

Day Twenty-Two – Manage Your PPC Account

Day Twenty-Three – WordPressDirect Content Software

Day Twenty-Four – CopyWriting

Day Twenty-Five – Today Is Decision Day

Day Twenty-Six – Monetizing Your Blog

Day Twenty-Seven – Getting More Exposure

Day Twenty-Eight – Creating Blog Authority

Day Twenty-Nine – High Authority Backlinks

Day Thirty – Mistakes Marketers Make

Day Thirty-One – The 30DC Conclusion



It’s kind of like building a house, you need to start with a solid foundation and have your tools and supplies ready. That’s what the preseason training is about – getting your tools ready and setting up a solid foundation to build upon…


01 – The Flock Internet Browser

02 – Setting Your Flock Preferences (or Options)

03a – Speeding Up Flock

03b – How To Install Extensions In Flock

03c – Extensions To Install In Flock

04 – Signing Up For Twitter

05a – Twitter And Twhirl

05b – Using Twhirl Part One

05c – Using Twhirl Part Two

06a – Creating A Google Account for Google Reader

06b – Google Reader – Part One

06c – Google Reader – Part Two

06d – Google Reader – Part Three

07 – Using StumbleUpon

08 – Using YouTube

09 – Google Subscribed Links

10a – Getting Started with Friendfeed

10b – Friendfeed Tips

11 – Watching The Videos


01 – Preseason Kick-off

02 – Preseason

03 – Preseason

04 – Preseason

05 – Preseason

4th of July – Preseason

06 – Preseason

07 – Preseason

08 – Preseason

The European Edition

09 – Preseason


System Optimization – CCleaner – for speeding up your PC


What’s Taking Me So Long?

While I Was Sleeping…..


My First Blog Post

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16 Responses to “Table Of Contents”

  1. Thanks for this — it will help a couple of my teammates who need to catch up.

  2. imstrong Says:

    Where did you get those fancy link buttons?

  3. Steve Says:

    Hi Debra,

    You’re absolutely welcome – we’re glad that our little effort here has been a help to you and your teammates. Best of success to you…

    @imstrong – Those link buttons come from an application I found in the WordPress forums. It’s called “Get Social” – I was planning a post on it once we get to the social bookmarking within the challenge.

    I used it because (as I understand it) the free blogs hosted at wordpress.com (like this one) don’t allow javascript plugins.

    This little application allows you to input the title and permalink – and generates the html code to add… Again, I’m planning to do a post pretty soon in the “tips” category. Hope that helps…Take care,

  4. […] 2008 Thirty Day Challenge Training As part of the 2008 30DC, my son and I worked on this 30DC blog. The videos are organized there by day – pre-season too. Hope that helps __________________ […]

  5. […] the experience for those still trying to complete the 2008 30 Day Challenge: Here's the link to Our 2008 Thirty Day Challenge – Table Of Contents […]

  6. Juan Batista Says:

    Thank you for the great work

    1. SteveH2008 Says:

      Hi Juan – you are welcome!

  7. Sam Clarke Says:


    This has been a great resource for me


    1. SteveH2008 Says:

      Hi Sam,

      We’re really glad it has helped you – thanks so much for letting us know. Looking forward to starting the 2009 challenge in a few weeks – hope to see you there!

  8. Juan Batista Says:

    This really works. Using the methods I learned here, I made a blog and it hit #1 in less than 30 days.

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