5 Ways To Make Money Online

Making Money Online

If you are looking for ways to bring in some extra money, (and who isn’t these days?) then you need to take a look at these 5 methods for making money online. Bear with me for just a few minutes because these money making methods are pretty simple to implement, they do not even require any money, you don’t have to have a list, a website, or even any experience to do this.

Get Rich Quick?

Now, it’s important to keep in mind, these are not get rich quick methods because, let’s face it, there’s no such thing. But the methods I am going to reveal to you are methods that hundreds of others have used to make money online. If you put in the effort, then very soon you’ll be making the money too.


The first method is something that I am sure you have heard of, eBay has been around for years and it is still the biggest online auction site out there. Thousands of people are making their living selling on eBay and you can too. Take the time to learn all you can about selling on eBay. There are some great courses out there that can show you what you need to know. You can start by selling some of your own household items that you don’t use anymore. Then you can branch out by buying items at garage sales or auctions for re-sale on eBay. Some sellers even run consignments shops where they sell other peoples’ items and take a commission of every sale. eBay will be around for a long time and it is a good place to quickly and easily start making money online.

Affiliate Marketing – Think 30 Day Challenge

The next method is through affiliate marketing. This is basically the method taught in the Thirty Day Challenge. All you need to do is find some great products online that have a good affiliate program and start promoting these products. You will get a percentage of every sale you make. Now this sounds simple in theory but it does take a bit of work. You need to find a niche that people are willing to spend money in and then you need to find a good product to satisfy the needs of that market. Then you set up a website or blog that promotes your chosen affiliate products and send traffic to the site to make sales. The Thirty Day Challenge shows you exactly how this can be done. Affiliate marketing can make you a very good living if you do it right.

Provide A Service

Another way to generate online income is to provide a service to others, particularly other internet marketers. If you are good at web design or writing then you can do freelance work for others and get paid right away. You can even become a virtual assistant and do work for someone else’s business from the comfort of your own home. These types of services are in high demand and you can easily get started in these areas.


A spin on doing freelance writing work is to sign up for sites like Associated Content and Text Broker. These sites will pay you for articles that you write for them. You won’t make a huge amount of money doing this but it can be enough to pay a few bills and can quickly be done in a pinch.

Product Creation

And finally, here’s a method that will take some time, but can payoff for you in a big way. Instead of marketing other people’s wares as an affiliate, you can create you own product and have affiliates working for you. The most profitable way to do this is to find a high-demand niche, solve a problem and then recruit affiliates to do your promoting for you. Think about how much money you can make if you were to have a hundred affiliates promoting your products. The beauty of this is that you do the work to create the product once, and affiliates keep selling it for you over and over again.

If you want to get started building a business online or are ever in need of cash, try one or all of these methods. You may find that you will never have to worry about money again and you’ll have built a profitable online business.

I know that I may not survive the night after this…

Seriously, posting this could very well get me killed in my sleep…

But I feel like I would be holding out on you if I held onto this knowledge – if I didn’t share it with you right now.

You see, I’ve been busy – working, testing, perfecting…

Night after night, taking notes – working out ideas…

Nothing seemed to be working – one dead-end test after another.

Some nights I start to think I’m on to something – a breakthrough is imminent…

But further testing reveals I’m off – something’s not quite right.

Try as I might, I end up feeling like a BIG FAT FAILURE.

In desperation, I finally talk the whole thing over with my wife…

She listens intently – sympathizing with failed attempt after failed attempt.

As I finish my rant, I finally do what NO MAN ever does as soon as he should – I ask her to help me, give me some insight, a hint…

She leans forward and asks me if I can keep a secret…

I lie – and tell her “yes, of course dear.”  And of all people – SHE reveals the secret sauce to me.

Now, at my own peril – I’ll share the secret with you.

Please don’t tell her I told you – I know she wants me to keep it a secret – but this is just so good, I can’t keep it to myself…


Can you handle knowing the secret sauce?

Seriously, if you don’t think you can handle it – you should stop reading now!



Don’t go any further unless you’re REALLY, REALLY ready to know the secret sauce…


Wait for it…

Wait for it…

The Secret Sauce

The Secret Sauce

She adds a little bit of this into about half of her cooking – and it makes all the difference in the world – that smokey, chipotle flavor was just what I was missing in my cooking.  Conveniently, she had it tucked away in a different cupboard so I wouldn’t use it up.

I know, I know – you probably thought I was going to give up a DIFFERENT secret sauce.  Well, two things.

ONE – You should know this – the secret to success in anything is: SELF-DISCIPLINE.  Ask any successful person – self-discipline will be on their list of character traits.

Along with that, I’d say success comes from characteristics like: focus, perseverance, hard work and integrity.

So be disciplined about what you’re doing.

Focus on one thing at a time.  Ask yourself, “What is the one thing I should be doing right now?”  For me, sometimes that’s research, write content, build back-links, make relevant comments, etc.  Just pick one thing, one aspect and do it – finish it before you move on to the next thing.

Persevere – if you try and you fail…try again.  To steal from one of the most brilliant speeches ever – “Never give up, Never give up, Never, ever give up!”

Work hard – if you’re going to spend time doing it – give it your all, 100%.

At the end of the day – do it well and do it with integrity.

Sidenote: I think the success of the thirty day challenge embodies this quote from Zig Ziglar – “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.

Now you might say using the term “Secret Sauce” as a headline might be misleading – maybe – but you did learn something and hopefully you were entertained too.

TWO – If you’re a thirty day challenger, veteran or newbie – once you’ve gone through the initial 30 day challenge, the next logical step is to take it to the next level and join the thirty day challenge plus.

www.thirtydaychallengeplus.com – (not an affiliate link…)

There’s new material included each month – however the materials are taken down at the end of each month.  So if you want to take your own awesomeness to the next level, join as soon as you can.

And if you like this post, (or just want to “sauce-roll” one of your friends…feel free to spread some love…

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Sometimes success comes from the strangest places…

I had some success from applying the things I learned from this year’s thirty day challenge.  So did Stephen.  The most important thing was that – as a father and son, we found a project we could work on over part of his summer break – something that didn’t involve video games – something that could teach both of us some life skills and life lessons that don’t get taught in public school.

But so far, the most interesting thing to come out of the thirty day challenge is shaping up to be a nice little business I can run from home.  Let me explain…

First, my younger brother has operated a web-based business from his home for a few years now.  He used to work for a credit bureau – and because he is familiar with credit reporting processes, he is able to help small businesses sort out how to report credit and payment history information to the credit bureaus.

Over the past few months I’ve been sharing what Stephen and I learned, plus he’s been following along with our blog.  His biggest constraint is time.  He’d like to implement thirty day challenge strategies to expand his business – but he doesn’t have a lot of free time.  So, we’ve made an arrangement…I’ve analyzed his site, his competitors, done market and keyword research – and come up with a set of action steps to take that will propel him to better organic rankings and help him get a better return on his Adwords investment.

In return, I’m getting paid to be his search engine marketing consultant.  My latest proposal to him for the ongoing work was to barter for a MacBook Pro, I’m crossing my fingers for that to happen 🙂  I figure it’s really the tool I need going forward and it’s a complete write-off for him – win-win.

In addition to this project, another client has hired me to help with his search engine marketing efforts.

Have you ever heard of a pergola?

I hadn’t, I’d seen them – just never new what to call them.  When Justin and I first met, there were some problems with his website – it was beautiful, but not well optimized for search.  There were none of the usual on-page factors like title tags, description, keywords, etc.  We fixed some of those items before we even ended the first meeting – and then I went to work.

We talked about what it would take to improve his organic ranking – and also about how to get some fast traffic to his site.  He opted to crank up Adwords right away – and using Market Samurai, the Google Keyword tool, and the things I’ve learned about Adwords, it was pretty easy to get a campaign started for him.

We’re in the process of testing and tracking his Adwords campaign and also building backlinks to his site about pergola kits.

In both cases, I’ve been able to use the techniques I’ve learned from the thirty day challenge to help my clients reach their goals.  At first, I wasn’t sure if it “counted” as a 30DC success – after all, it’s not a niche/affiliate type of business.  But I’m able to charge a fair fee based on the work – and it all started with the thirty day challenge.

I owe a big thank you to Ed Dale, Dan Raine, Caro, Nez and the entire Thirty Day Challenge crew – because this looks like the start of something big.  Also thanks to my friends and teammates from the challenge including Sheryl & Cait, Jooles, Eric G. and Allison R – (Long live the Ed Dale Mankini!).

Last but not least, a big thank you goes out to my son Stephen, who kept me accountable (and kept me off the video games.)  🙂

P.S. – If you need some help with your niche, you can let me know in the comments below…

P.P.S – We’ll have an update about Stephen’s school fundraiser soon…

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High Authority Backlinks

Time to watch today’s videos: Approximately 16 minutes.

Additional time to complete today’s action steps: You could spend 15 minutes on this, you could also spend hours – it’s probably best to limit your link creation to 3-5 a day.  Much more than that could look spammy.  This should be considered an ongoing activity.  You may not need to do this daily, but a few times a week wouldn’t hurt…

Thirty Day Challenge Transcripts and Training are available below each video.


Day 29 Introduction Video – 30DC



Get Authority Backlinks Using Market Samurai


Use the promotion module in Market Samurai to find areas within Yahoo Answers related to your niche – so you can answer and create a backlink.  In addition, find .edu and .gov boards related to your niche, for more authority linking.

Remember, anytime you leave a comment or post on a forum – you should use SocialMarker and/or OnlyWire to bookmark that site or page.  Anytime you can increase the ranking or authority of a place that links back to your site – is a good thing.

Market Samurai – Click here for your 30DC free trial of the Market Samurai software.

Market Samurai Support – Click here for Market Samurai Support.

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Getting More Exposure

Time to watch today’s videos: Approximately 26 minutes.

Additional time to complete today’s action steps: This could be and should be an ongoing process – you may spend 10-30 minutes researching additional keywords.  You could spend 30 to 60 minutes or more working on additional content.  And it’s something you should probably do on at least a weekly basis…The idea is to increase the reach and exposure of your blog, which will increase its value as a byproduct.

Thirty Day Challenge Transcripts and Training are available below each video.


Day 27 Introduction Video – 30DC



Search For Long Tail Derivative Keywords


Use Market Samurai to find more “long-tail” keyword phrases with good traffic and competition numbers.  You may also find additional keywords from your Google Analytics reports.

Market Samurai – Click here for the 30DC Special Offer.

Market Samurai Support – Click here for Market Samurai Support.


Auto Content on WordPressdirect For Long Tail


Organize and categorize your keywords so you can use the auto content and manual post features of WordPressDirect to create content related to each of your key phrases.  Ed shows us how to use the auto content side of WordPressDirect with the proper methodology.

WordPress Direct – Click here for the 30DC Special Offer.

WordPress Direct Support – Click here for WordPress Direct support.

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Monetizing Your Blog

Time to watch today’s videos: Approximately 26 minutes.

Additional time to complete today’s action steps: If you’re doing this for the first time – allow 30 to 60 minutes.  You maybe able to get through it quicker than that.  I kept getting interrupted…

Thirty Day Challenge Transcripts and Training are available below each video.


Day 26 Introduction Video – 30DC



Setup Adsense On Your WordPressDirect Blog


What do you do if it’s not working?  Was is all wasted effort?  Nope – there are other ways to make money from your website.  You’re not limited to selling affiliate products.

Probably the simplest way to earn money from your blog is with Google Adsense.  GuruBob takes us through the process.  It will help to make sure your WordPressDirect theme is Adsense ready.

There are other possibilities as well – using other Ad Networks, CPA (cost per action) Networks, etc.  You could even sell your site.  Another handy PDF file is available for download at: 2008TDC26_Ads_CPA


Google Adsense – Click here to get started using Google Adsense.

WordPress Direct – Click here for the 30DC Special Offer if you haven’t already.

WordPress Direct Support – Click here for WordPress Direct support.

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