Not more than a few minutes ago, I sent a tweet about not having set up Flock properly on my Mac.  I’ve been running a virtual PC side-by-side on my Mac with a program called Parallels – it’s like having two computers in one.  Well, I’m trying to use the PC less and less – and migrate all of my activities to the Mac side of things.

I realized I haven’t been using Flock on my Mac much and needed to set it up “thirty day challenge” style.

While I was at it, I thought I’d share a few other add-ons that I love…here they are:

Scribe Fire – a blog editor that integrates with your browser.

Session Manager – saves and restores the state of all windows in your browser

ColorZilla – Advanced Eyedropper, Color Picker, Palette Viewer and other colorful goodies

CoolPreviews – Allows you to preview the target site before you actually click the link.

Feedly – a different way to view your RSS Reader feeds

FireFTP – an FTP client for your browser

Rank Checker – allows you to check your Search Engine Rank for multiple pages, multiple keywords/phrases across multiple search engines…

I hope you end up liking these add-ons as much as I do – and more importantly, I hope you find that they boost your productivity 🙂

So today’s video shows us how to install an extension in Flock. Now, it’s not necessarily a “internet marketing” extension – but it is a pretty cool way to enhance your browsing experience.

The next post will include a list of several additional extensions (or add-ons) with links. We won’t learn a lot about how to use them – that will come later. For now – we’re just getting all of our tools in order.

For this post – Ed is showing us how to install an extension called “PicLens” You can click here to get to PicLens. Or just click the picture below…

Get PicLens

You can see on their site, they don’t mention that it is specifically compatible with Flock – mainly because Flock is relatively new. Just remember, Flock and FireFox are built on the same code base. So – if an add-on is compatible with FireFox, it is most likely compatible with Flock as well.

Time to click the big green “Download” button…Go ahead – just click it…

You’ll probably notice, Flock is looking out for you – warning you about downloading new software to your computer. It’ll happen a lot as you set things up – so get used to it. 🙂 Better safe than sorry, right?

Once you’ve told Flock to “allow” you to download – you’ll see the “download dialog” box.

PicLens Installation Dialog

Click on the “Install” button. If you followed the previous lesson and told Flock to show you the download progress – it’ll do just that for you. Once downloaded and installed – you’ll have to restart Flock.

Go ahead – you can come back. Actually, if you set Flock up to remember the tabs you were using last – it’ll pop back up here for you when it restarts. Pretty cool, huh?


Okay, I’m assuming you’ve gone ahead and installed PicLens and restarted Flock.

From there, Ed shows us how to get around a little bit on YouTube and Flickr.

PicLens In Action

It’s even more impressive on the video above – one of these days…I’ve got to get a Mac and Screenflow – until then…


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