A Magnificent Symphony

Time to watch today’s videos: Approximately 31 minutes

Additional time to complete today’s action steps:

Depends on where you are with ideas. Assuming you’re all caught up as you begin this day, you could spend thirty minutes on ideas…or 2-3 hours exploring…

Thirty Day Challenge PDF Transcripts are also available below each video.

Day 01 Introduction Video | Thirty Day Challenge

And so it begins…



A Magnificent Symphony In Four Parts…


The Key Concepts:

1) Market/Keyword Research

2) Traffic

3) Conversion

4) Product

If you follow these steps, in this order – the market will tell you what they want to buy. You’ll be in a position to offer them a product they are already prepared to buy. And that’s a good place to be…


Tools Of The Trade…


Make sure you’ve installed the Thirty Day Challenge Toolbar.

It’s a good idea to go through and catch up on any Preseason training you may have missed – you can do that from the Preseason Catch Up Page.

Things to get and/or get familiar with:


Twitter and Twhirl

Google Reader



Google Subscribed Links


The Video Tips

and The 30DC Forums


The Getting Of Ideas…


A great place for getting niche ideas is Amazon’s Magazines and Newspapers area.

Try to come up with 5-10 different niche ideas. You don’t have to be an expert, just curious…

One way to begin keeping track of information relevant to your niches is to search through Google News and use Google Alerts to create feeds for your Google Reader.

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Today’s lesson is rather short – and pretty simple. However, I have added a few thoughts toward the end…Here’s the video from Ed…

Add Google Searches Using Subscribed Links

Ed uses the Thirty Day Challenge Toolbar to quickly navigate to his dashboard – you did install the toolbar, right?

If you didn’t, or if you missed any of the add-ons for Flock – you can click this link to get the Flock Add-ons, including the Thirty Day Challenge Toolbar. (It’s at the bottom of the post.)

From the toolbar, click on the “links” drop down menu – and click on the “Dashboard” link.

Thirty Day Challenge Toolbar - Dashboard Link

Thirty Day Challenge Toolbar - Dashboard Link

Once we’re at our dashboard, go over and click on “Add my expertise to your Google web searches”

Google Subscribed Links - Add Ed Dales Expertise

Google Subscribed Links - Add Ed Dale's Expertise

That will take us to the “Google Subscription Confirmation” page

Google Subscribed Links Page

Google Subscribed Links Page

and the subscribe button over to the right…


Google Subscribed Links - Subscribe Button

Now, if you’re already logged into Google – you’d go straight to this page. If not, it will prompt you for your Google log-in.

Google Subscribed Links - Log In

Google Subscribed Links - Log In

Go ahead and log in with your Google or Gmail log in, whichever one you use to access Google…

Before I go ahead and subscribe, let’s do a quick experiment. I have deliberately waited to go through most of the training steps until after I write up the post. There are a couple of reasons to do this. This allows me to go through it with “fresh” eyes to double check things like grammar, spelling – also to make sure links work. In this case, it also allows me to give you a “before and after” screen shot.

So – I’m going to do an “Ed Dale” ego search. Here’s what Google serves up for me:

Google Subscribed Links - Ed Dale Search-Before

Google Subscribed Links - Ed Dale Search-Before

Looks like it normally does – you know, because I search for Ed Dale on Google everyday. Doesn’t everybody?

Now, I’m going to go ahead and click on the “subscribe” button.

Google Subscribed Links - Subscribe Button

Google Subscribed Links - Subscribe Button

I’ve added Ed’s expertise to my Google searches. And if you clicked the button, so have you. What does that mean?

Well, in a nutshell – there are certain topics that Ed is an expert on. I think we can all agree on that. On the backend, he’s put a list together of search terms and web content that he likes – and submitted that list to Google. If you search for something and Google sees a match, the search results you see will be weighted with items matching Ed’s expertise.

In Ed’s example, a search for “Ed Dale” now turns up a result that Ed has “put his stamp on.” You can tell it’s a link he’s recommended because you’ll see his face on the link. When I do the same search, here’s what I see:

Google Subscribed Links - Ed Dale Search-After

Google Subscribed Links - Ed Dale Search-After

In this case, his recommendation points to the thirty day challenge. It makes sense for Ed to recommend that to people searching for him.

Let’s put on our “noticing caps” for a second – take a look at those results. I know, it’s a pain to do the scrolling – but bear with me, this is important. Notice what changed. The top three results are still the same – the link Ed is recommending jumped into the fourth position and bumped the next few search results down by one spot. In one sense, that’s not a huge change – but he was able to bring a specific site into our view, for a specific search term.

Here’s some trivia for all you uber-geeks. Maybe you’ve heard of this concept, maybe you haven’t – it’s called “The Long Tail.”

The Long Tail

The Long Tail

Statistically, (and I know this is intuitive) if you come up closer to number one in the organic search engine results – you’ll get more traffic. I’m sure we’ll talk about the importance of traffic soon enough.

Now – remember our “before” search? Guess what – in searching for Ed Dale (broad match not exact match) the thirty day challenge website didn’t come up in the top fifty results from Google. I double checked with a rank checking add-on for Firefox – even there, the thirty day challenge site came up at 34 in a search for Ed Dale.

Using this Google Subscribed Link technique brought the thirty day challenge site into position 4. In terms of traffic, what does that mean?

Whether it’s position 34 or 50 – a fraction of 1% of the traffic searching for Ed Dale would find the thirty day challenge website. At position 4, 5% to 10% of the traffic searching for Ed Dale (and subscribed to his links) would find the site.

You’re more likely to click on his recommendation for two reasons. 1) Because you’re already subscribed to Ed’s links and 2) Several studies show that the a listing with a picture gets more attention – and more clicks…

Think about what that could do for you in your niche. I know I’m thinking about what this could do for me in my niche. The trick here is to get people to “add my expertise to their Google searches.”

Who knows? If I do a good enough job of blogging along with this year’s thirty day challenge – maybe he’ll add this site to his subscribed link results…(hint, hint Ed 🙂 no pressure…)

Whether or not that happens, think about this…If you’re working towards becoming an expert, a guru, or an authority within your niche – you may be able to use this technique to provide your opinion within search results for people who “add your expertise to their Google searches.”

If you’re a veteran marketer – pick your jaw up off the floor.

What is being said here is this – you have an opportunity to change search results from Google – for people who subscribe to your recommended links. Like a lot of things, if used properly – you will be adding value for your subscribers. If you get spammy with it, people will simply unsubscribe.

This tool from Google gives you the power to influence Google search results – so – use it responsibly.

At this point, we’re subscribed to Ed’s links – I imagine we’ll learn how to set up our own Google Subscribed Links somewhere down the line….

Next up – the one I’ve been chomping at the bit to do – Friendfeed!!!

If this post made your day – even a little, please take a moment to spread the word…

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