Backlinks and Indexing

Time to watch today’s videos: Approximately 21 minutes.

Additional time to complete today’s action steps: The getting of backlinks is something you’ll want to add to your daily routine. Once you make it a habit, you’ll probably only spend 10-20 minutes a day at it. Initially, you may want to spend some time getting familiar with Google Groups and other related forums and pages that will let you add comments with a link back to your site. I’d say today you may spend about an hour or so exploring the communities related to your niche.

While it may be tempting to just start posting links – make sure you’re doing it in a way that contributes to the community. If you just start throwing up spammy links, you won’t be welcome for very long.

Checking to see if your site is ranked in Google should only take a minute or two.

Thirty Day Challenge Transcripts and Training are available below each video.


Day 09 Introduction Video – 30DC



How To Get More Backlinks


Google Groups – Click here to find groups that relate to your niche.

Do a search for forums related to your niche.

Find relevant Squidoo lenses where you can leave comments with your keyword as the anchor text – by searching for “your keyword/phrase” That will narrow your search to pages on Squidoo.

I wonder if that might work on other platforms we’ll be looking at…

Make sure your comments are contributing to the conversation. Before you submit your comment, read it to yourself in the context of the page and other comments. Ask yourself if your comment is adding value to the page.

If your weren’t you and you were reading the comments – would you read your comment and say “good point” or would you say “so what.” If you’d say “so what” there isn’t much chance anyone would be inclined to click your link.

Participate 5-10 minutes per day – make it part of your daily routine. If you add 1-2 links per day this way, you could have an additional 20-40 backlinks by the end of the thirty day challenge. Based on our research with Market Samurai – that many backlinks can make a big difference in your organic search engine rankings.

And make sure you’re comments add value.


How To Find Out If Your Site Is Indexed


To find out if your site is ranked by Google – use the “Site” operator by typing “” into the Google search box.

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