Earlier, I was reading this post from Seth Godin:

Three Things You Need If You Want More Customers

In it, he breaks down in broad but simple terms the three things you need if you want more customers:

1. A group of possible customers you can identify and reach.
2. A group with a problem they want to solve using your solution.
3. A group with the desire and ability to spend money to solve that problem.

As thirty day challengers, the first thing we hear about in Ed Dale’s “Symphony of Four Parts” is the market research, and this ties into it beautifully.

We learn about identifying our market, refining our keywords/phrases with Market Samurai and narrowing things down to our “phrase that pays.” We look at the numbers and work within those numeric parameters to make sure our “phrase that pays” is viable.

Then, we build a blog or site around it and see if we can get ranked fairly quickly and get traffic.

Once we have the traffic, we can test to see if they will “convert” – or buy whatever we’re offering.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t – and when it doesn’t work – I have to ask myself…why?

Sometimes, it’s easy to lose site of the customer…I like doing the research, looking at numbers – working within established parameters.  It’s all very logical, comfortable – numbers are so easy to define…  But I’ve come up with a couple of duds over the last six months.  And I think it’s because I get too into the science of it and forget all about the fact that I’m trying to turn a searcher into a satisfied customer.

Maybe I can get ranked…I can even get traffic – but in the case of my duds, I could have saved myself a lot of time had I simply filtered my “phrase that pays” through the three items above.

In both cases for me, I was able to satisfy number 1 – Market Samurai is AWESOME for that.

For numbers two and three, I think it just takes asking yourself those questions about your phrase, like this:

If my phrase is “how to report credit” AND the niche I’m trying to market to is “small businesses with in-house credit accounts who need to report their accounts to the credit bureaus, but don’t know how” – I just ask myself if my solution will help them – and if they have the desire and ability to spend money to solve the problem identified or implied by that phrase…

As it turns out – it will – and they do.

Now, If I was marketing on a local level only – I may not be able to get enough customers to support that business.  But because of the way we can leverage the internet, we can target and reach a large group of potential businesses who need to solve that problem.

And that spells success!

So – in YOUR efforts to build YOUR internet business, just remember to keep your customers in mind.  As you do your research and identify keywords/phrases with potential – filter them through the list of three things above.  You’ll likely save yourself some money, time and a lot of effort…

Hug your kids – as of the 14th of this month, I’ve got a NEW one to hug!

Mistakes Marketers Make

Time to watch today’s videos: Approximately 23 minutes.

Additional time to complete today’s action steps: It’s not so much an action step day as it is a time to review and reflect – and stay on top of updates to WordPressDirect.

Thirty Day Challenge Transcripts and Training are available below each video.


Day 30 Introduction Video – 30DC



Mistakes That Marketers Make Online


Ed covers some common mistakes and ways to avoid them as you go forward.

Remember the Magnificent Symphony of Four Parts:

  • Market Research
  • Traffic
  • Conversion
  • Product

Most mistakes are made during market research – and a lot of effort and time could be saved by spending ample time on the research.


WordPressDirect Update


GuruBob takes us through an important WordPressDirect update.


30DC Meetups – With the official challenge drawing to a close, make sure you check in on where meetups are happening in your area. Keeping in touch with people doing the same thing you are is enormously beneficial.

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Keyword Research

Time to watch today’s videos: Approximately 75 minutes

Additional time to complete today’s action steps: You may need to allow for 1-3 hours today. Some of this will depend on your connection speed for downloading Market Samurai.

I had to split this day out over a couple of days – so don’t get discouraged if you need to take some extra time on today’s training…

Thirty Day Challenge Transcripts and Training are available below each video.

***An important blog post and seesmic video to watch…

WE NEED TO TALK – Pre Day 2 discussion – Very Important post and video to watch!

***Please take a moment to watch this prior to launching into the MASSIVE day 2


Day 02 Introduction Video | Thirty Day Challenge


A big day, lots of work – and a huge advancement in market research tools…Market Samurai.


How To Download And Install Market Samurai


Market Samurai – Click here to download your free 40 day trial of the Market Samurai software.


Introduction To Market And Keyword Research


Drill down into a market by finding the mega-niche, niche and micro niches. For thirty day challenge purposes, we want to be looking at a micro niche, which is basically synonymous with a keyword or keyword phrase.


Using Market Samurai For Keyword Research


Market Samurai Support – Click here for Market Samurai Support.

Pay attention to these videos and learn to use this tool correctly the first time. Save yourself the trouble of getting temporarily banned from Google…

Oh, and don’t use the keyword presented in the video – use your OWN keyword for your research.

The main criteria we’re after at this point:

SEOT – (SEO Traffic) is more than 80 searches a day
SEOC – (SEO Competition) is less than 30,000 competing pages

Other important factors to consider:

Adwords click-thru-rate (CTR) is more than 2.00% (it is a keyword buyers use for searches). This can help us prioritize keywords.
Also – check the keyword’s OCI percentage. A higher percentage means it is more likely that the keyword is a keyword buyers use. OCI is also used to prioritize your keywords.


How To Do Keyword Research For The Internet


Google Keyword Tool – Where to do your manual keyword research with Google.

It’s a good idea to learn how to do this as a backup plan. As with any new piece of software, there are bound to be glitches and other issues. Learning this method of research is your plan B.

By the time you’ve gone through today’s videos, you should be able to narrow down your initial ideas to a list of 2-3 that meet our starting criteria.

How To Use Market Samurai


Market Samurai Video Tutorials – Click here for the Market Samurai Tutorial Videos

Note: I didn’t include time for watching these videos above – for a couple of reasons. As issues come up or bugs are fixed, new videos will be added. Also – these videos don’t necessarily have to be watched today.

I would recommend that you bookmark/favorite the page above for easy reference, just in case you need it later on…

For Further Study…

Take a look at this article about how to choose a niche – by Lynn Terry at http://www.clicknewz.com

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