Publishing A Blog

Time to watch today’s videos: Approximately 64 minutes

Additional time to complete today’s action steps: Better plan on an additional 2-4 hours, at least if this is your first time through the process of registering a domain, setting up hosting, blog installation, posting content and adding an affiliate link. Once you’ve done this a few times, it will go faster…

Thirty Day Challenge Transcripts and Training are available below each video.


Day 06 Introduction Video – 30DC



Awesome Software And Domains


First things first – you’ll have to decide if you’re going to purchase your own domain name – or use a subdomain available through WordPressDirect. There’s no one right answer to this.

If you have the means – it is better to buy your own domain. If you’re not sure about the market and you just want to test it – you can use a subdomain for that purpose.

If it works (and you’re making a little bit of money) then by all means – get your own domain and hosting and set up another blog – there are ways to leverage multiple blogs and platforms to build backlinks. I’m sure we’ll cover some additional strategies further in the Thirty Day Challenge.

Name Boy – A domain name generator.

Name Cheap – A low cost domain name registrar.


How To Setup Your Own Hosting


One place you can get hosting for your website is HostGator. This is an affiliate link for the Thirty Day Challenge – proceeds go to help defray the costs of putting this on each year.

This blog is structured around the YouTube videos, but there are higher definition videos available for download on the thirty day challenge training pages. The cost of that bandwidth alone is huge, and this affiliate link helps cover some of those costs.

Using HostGator is optional, you can use a subdomain from WordPressDirect as part of your free trial – so it is possible to complete the thirty day challenge without spending any extra money.


Install A Blog With WordPressDirect


WordPress Direct – Click here to get the 30DC Special Offer.

The Free Trial of WordPress Direct lets you create 3 blogs. The exclusive 30DC $1 Trial Offer lets you create 15 blogs.

There is a list of hosting providers that are already known to work with WordPressDirect. You may also host with them using a subdomain.

WordPress Direct Support – Click here if you need WordPress Direct support.


Add Content And Publish Blog


If you’ve been able to keep up, you should already have your keyword, a product to promote, and some content ready to publish. Go ahead and add your first post to your blog – and add your affiliate offer (both image and text) to your blog sidebar.



Thirty Day Challenge TV – 2008.08.06 Episode 4


Thirty Day Challenge TV – 2008.08.06 Episode 4 – Q & A


Thirty Day Challenge TV – 2008.08.06
Episode 4 – Q & A – Part 2


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