A Magnificent Symphony

Time to watch today’s videos: Approximately 31 minutes

Additional time to complete today’s action steps:

Depends on where you are with ideas. Assuming you’re all caught up as you begin this day, you could spend thirty minutes on ideas…or 2-3 hours exploring…

Thirty Day Challenge PDF Transcripts are also available below each video.

Day 01 Introduction Video | Thirty Day Challenge

And so it begins…



A Magnificent Symphony In Four Parts…


The Key Concepts:

1) Market/Keyword Research

2) Traffic

3) Conversion

4) Product

If you follow these steps, in this order – the market will tell you what they want to buy. You’ll be in a position to offer them a product they are already prepared to buy. And that’s a good place to be…


Tools Of The Trade…


Make sure you’ve installed the Thirty Day Challenge Toolbar.

It’s a good idea to go through and catch up on any Preseason training you may have missed – you can do that from the Preseason Catch Up Page.

Things to get and/or get familiar with:


Twitter and Twhirl

Google Reader



Google Subscribed Links


The Video Tips

and The 30DC Forums


The Getting Of Ideas…


A great place for getting niche ideas is Amazon’s Magazines and Newspapers area.

Try to come up with 5-10 different niche ideas. You don’t have to be an expert, just curious…

One way to begin keeping track of information relevant to your niches is to search through Google News and use Google Alerts to create feeds for your Google Reader.

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Today’s video shows several extensions (or add-ons) that we’ll be installing in Flock.  These extensions add certain functionality to Flock and alow us to leverage Flock for internet marketing purposes.  Before we get into the video and the add-ons – could I just say something?

If you haven’t signed up for the thirty day challenge yet – please do.  The training really is given freely, there is no obligation to buy anything after you sign up – not ever – and I will continue to post my own version of notes and tips here.  But there is so much more available on the forums and within the thirty day challenge community, you’re missing out on something if you’re not a part of it.

For instance, this particular lesson has a downloadable PDF file that goes with it.  It’s free to download if you’re a Thirty Day Challenge member – it’s not available if you’re not signed up…

I would call this blog my own version of “Cliff Notes” for the 2008 Thirty Day Challenge.  I used Cliff Notes for certain subjects in high school and college – they served their purpose, I could get a passing grade on those tests.  But I know I missed out on the full experience when I took that shortcut – I cheated myself out of fully learning something by relying on the Cliff Notes alone.

Don’t cheat YOURSELF out of the full Thirty Day Challenge experience – go sign up at this link (if you haven’t already) Thirty Day Challenge – and then come back here for more of these notes…I’ll get off my soap box now…onward to the Flock add-ons:

Pimping Out Flock For Fun And Profit – But Mostly For Profit

Here’s Ed Dale’s video from YouTube…


And here’s an easy to follow list of the add-ons, complete with links to go get ’em – so go get ’em…

Google Global

This extension allows you to view search results from other parts of the world – this will be something you can take advantage of later in the thirty day challenge.

Go To Google Global Flock Add-on

Google Notebook

Allows you to research and make notes without leaving your browser – a brilliant way to help with niche research.  Having a Google account is something you’ll need going forward – Ed will be showing us how pretty soon…

Go To Google Notebook Add-on For Flock

SEO for FireFox/Flock

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization – This is a pretty deep tool.  You’re able to get a lot of interesting data by using this add-on.  Install it for now, but leave it off.  Ed mentions the red lines-no follow tags in the video.  For now, it’s not a big deal – he’ll show us how to use it when the time is right.

Go To SEO For FireFox Add-on For Flock


Another tool that is helpful in niche research – SearchStatus.

Go To SearchStatus Add-on For Flock


This one is very helpful way to let people know about great sites – and to let people know about YOUR sites.  Ed will show us more about how to use it soon…

Go To StumbleUpon Add-on For Flock


This is a handy way to post to Twitter – with fewer clicks.  Instead of interrupting your work flow – you can type directly into your address bar and post that text to Twitter.  As a bonus, it shortens URL’s for you too.

Go To TwitterBar Add-on For Flock

Thirty Day Challenge Toolbar

The 30DC Toolbar is a big time saver for Thirty Day Challenge Members – it’s not critical that you install it – but it does give you access to a lot of well thought out tools specific to the Thirty Day Challenge.

Get The Thirty Day Challenge Toolbar

That’s it for now – feel free to leave us a comment below… Then, if you have kids – go give them a hug.  And if you are a kid – go hug your parents….Keep them guessing.


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