Getting More Exposure

Time to watch today’s videos: Approximately 26 minutes.

Additional time to complete today’s action steps: This could be and should be an ongoing process – you may spend 10-30 minutes researching additional keywords.  You could spend 30 to 60 minutes or more working on additional content.  And it’s something you should probably do on at least a weekly basis…The idea is to increase the reach and exposure of your blog, which will increase its value as a byproduct.

Thirty Day Challenge Transcripts and Training are available below each video.


Day 27 Introduction Video – 30DC



Search For Long Tail Derivative Keywords


Use Market Samurai to find more “long-tail” keyword phrases with good traffic and competition numbers.  You may also find additional keywords from your Google Analytics reports.

Market Samurai – Click here for the 30DC Special Offer.

Market Samurai Support – Click here for Market Samurai Support.


Auto Content on WordPressdirect For Long Tail


Organize and categorize your keywords so you can use the auto content and manual post features of WordPressDirect to create content related to each of your key phrases.  Ed shows us how to use the auto content side of WordPressDirect with the proper methodology.

WordPress Direct – Click here for the 30DC Special Offer.

WordPress Direct Support – Click here for WordPress Direct support.

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